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Corporate Social Responsibility

We have a responsibility to the environment, to our community, to our clients and to our employees and are committed to making a positive difference.

Community and Social


We have a range of initiatives, demonstrating our commitment and support to our community. These initiatives include sponsorship of cultural and sporting events across Jersey.

Crusaders Hockey Club

We continue to support Crusaders Hockey Club, a local hockey side playing in the men’s first division. Crusaders is a member of Jersey Hockey Limited – a local registered charity. The sport is popular with members of the Jersey office and the funding we provide goes towards the purchase of new playing kit for all their members.

Giles Robson’s International Blues, Rock & Roots Nights

Between 2021 – 2023 we sponsored a series of exceptional intimate concerts and shows by world famous Blues, Rock and Roots stars at the atmospheric Blue Note Bar in St Helier. These concerts were presented by award-winning Blues Musician and Jersey resident, Giles Robson with the aim of inspiring other young ambitious local musicians through access to the international music scene. 

Environment and Sustainability

We are focused on working together with our clients, employees, suppliers and the local communities to deliver a more sustainable future.

Before establishing ICECAP as a trust company in 2018, founders that include current directors, Bobby Minty and Dave Allen, developed their own carbon project through 3 Rocks Limited (“3 Rocks”). 3 Rocks distributed over 40,000 efficient wood-burning stoves to the population surrounding Katete in the east of Zambia. In doing so, the amount of wood burned, and carbon emitted was drastically reduced but also there are numerous other important benefits including:

  • Less time spent collecting wood fuel for the family home, presenting alternative opportunities for economic development such as cash crop production or more education for children; and

  • Cooking and heating on open fires or traditional stoves results in high levels of indoor air pollution which is a significant killer in low income countries, the efficient stoves significantly reduce these harmful levels.


The project was audited and is registered by the UN[1]. Its design was to support some of the poorest individuals in the world whilst producing additional, genuine, and measurable reductions. Due to the unique nature of this project, the project was then selected by the Swedish Government who purchased the credits to help meet its international obligations.

Members of the 3 Rocks team, including ICECAP Directors Bobby Minty and Dave Allen, were deeply engaged in the project from financing the stoves, planning the logistics, writing the documents required by the UN through to visiting Katete where they interviewed stakeholders from villagers to local Chiefs and helped install the stoves.

Carbon credits generated by the project have been transferred to ICECAP and we will retire 20 tonnes of carbon credits for each employee each year from 2018 – 2028.

It is estimated that each Jersey resident emits 3.8 tonnes carbon per annum on average[2] and each Mauritius resident emits 2.9 tonnes carbon per annum on average[3]. These averages mask a huge variance from individual to individual. For example, an individual who flies long haul could emit more in one flight than his/her neighbour does in an entire year. Therefore, by retiring 20 tonnes per employee, per year we are conservatively ensuring that each employee’s emissions are offset.



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